Financial Security

Financial Security is a cdcb initiative that offers free financial coaching, financial literacy workshops, income-tax preparation and matched-saving opportunities. 

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cdcb Financial Security's goal is to create financially healthy individuals and families. 


 In our more than 40 years of existence, the cdcb come dream. come build. has helped thousands of families from the Rio Grande Valley on their way to homeownership. We have seen that one of the biggest hurdles in becoming financially stable is a poor understanding of credit. Misconceptions and poor knowledge on the effects of bad credit result in limiting people's choices when it comes to making purchases, obtaining loans, buying a house, renting a house and more.

We aim to help families make better financial decisions and achieve financial stability. 


cdcb Financial Security program seeks to educate our clients and members of the community on the different financial challenges they may face. Four certified housing advisors/financial coaches are available to meet with current and prospective clients and work with them on creating budgets and financial habits that will lead them towards homeownership. 

Meet the team

Zoraima Diaz-Pineda


Zoraima leads the Financial Security program team and is responsible for overseeing cdcb’s financial sustainability and wealth-building initiatives. Her role includes the planning, coordination, implementation and evaluation of several financial capability programs including, housing counseling, financial coaching, financial literacy education, VITA tax preparation and IDA-matched savings.  She has extensive experience in program and product research, design and evaluation.  Prior to joining cdcb, Zoraima conducted financial services research, program development and policy analysis at the Institute for Assets and Social Policy, the National Council of La Raza and the Texas State Senate.  Zoraima received a Master’s Degree in Social Policy from Brandeis University, a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs and Bachelor’s Degree in Government and Mexican American Studies from The University of Texas at Austin. 


Claudia Kowalski


Claudia joined cdcb in 2002 and is a graduate of the University of Texas at Brownsville. She has a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree. Prior to joining cdcb, Claudia worked in the banking industry.  She is a certified Early Delinquency Servicing, HUD Loss Mitigation Counselor and Pre-Purchase/Post-Purchase Homeownership Educator.  She has extensive experience with the followoing: Individual one-on-one assessment and pre-qualification of families seeking homeownership; credit analysis; household income and expense budgeting; development of remediation “action plans” for credit and savings; enrollment in housing assistance programs; and referral of clients to sound financial products and services available in the community.  Claudia's technical knowledge of the CounselorMax client database management system, along with her sincere commitment to assisting low-income families  achieve financial stability, make her an invaluable asset to the cdcb Financial Security Program Team. 


Tammy Villarreal


Tammy has been a member of the cdcb Team as a Mortgage Loan Processor for more than 15 years. She has an extensive background in the banking industry working as a teller for 12 years and in a loan department for seven years.  She specializes in assisting clients with creating feasible, debt reduction plans, and she has successfully negotiated hundreds of debt obligation settlements for clients struggling with immense debt burdens.  Her client rapport is a critical component to her success as she quickly gains the confidence and trust of the individuals she counsels.  


Joel Nino, Jr.


Joel is the most recent addition to our home-counseling team, joining cdcb in 2016. Previously, he worked for the State of Texas for five years, supervising a vocational program for developmentally-disabled clients in job training and placement. He assists families make plans to set and achieve goals for the advancement of their quality of life.