Frequently asked questions


Do I need to have perfect credit?

 No. Don’t worry about bad credit! Our team of counselors are trained and certified by HUD. They can work with you until you become “homebuyer-ready.” 

My friend said she didn’t qualify. Can I qualify to your programs?

 Every family and individual have a unique situation. We encourage everyone to apply to find out what they qualify for. 

Who can apply?

 US Citizens and legal residents, 18 years or older 

How do I apply?

 It’s simple!
1) Call 956-541-4955 to make an appointment, or
2) Complete the online application ( and gather the documents mentioned.
3) Once called, come to the appointment with the counselor and bring your documents. 

Which documents should I take to homebuyer fairs?

 We have homebuyer fairs to accommodate walk-ins from people who can’t visit with a counselor during weekdays. You should bring:
   Valid photo ID
   Social Security Card
   Last 2 pay stubs
   Last year’s tax return 

I have disability, can you help me?

 Yes, we can work with you. However, disability is not considered in approving you for down-payment assistance.